Review of game Remember Me

How often do you think about the future? No, not about how to turn your life, and how the world will be in ten or twenty or even a hundred years. On this subject, there are hundreds of books, movies and games. Frankly, I cherish answered by a serious weakness in the genre of science fiction in all its manifestations, and the release of Remember Me was for me a very pleasant surprise. But let’s start from the beginning.

The very first scene is confusing and, at the same time intriguing. Along with the main character, whose memory is erased, we find ourselves in a very strange and uncomfortable place, at first glance resembles a psychiatric hospital. But, oddly enough, the security question nurse about her name, the heroine replied: “Ni’lin.” From the same nurse, we learn that the yard in 2084. Subsequently Ni’lin sent to complete cleaning process memory. And now we’re standing in the queue of the same poor devils like us, waiting for their fate, but with Ni’lin knows how to bind someone with Edge offers to help her get out of Durkee and return the memory.

But even escape is unusual: we run the conveyor with the graves of the technical corridors, and one of them is even more strange place called the “Slums of 404.” Eloquent name is not it? And the place itself to match. Nevertheless, in this world is surprisingly comfortable and interesting stay. And from the very first seconds when I awoke the spirit of adventure and wanted to climb round this location until the last cavern. Especially along the way you can overhear some conversations, watch the news or read the note that during the game will be to build a picture of the world. And believe me, it’s worth taking time to explore the world, but still you seem a little and want more. You just fall in love with Neo-Paris, where the action unfolds game.

All locations are lined up with some maniacal attention to detail, all of which are flavored with a very cool work of art. And with all this, you will find no trace of kopipasta. Even just for that wants to shake hands with each member of the development team. Now it is very rare. But, as in a good cyberpunk, in everything that happens, do you believe, everything seems very natural and believable. And do not be surprised if in a few decades much of Remember Me will become our reality.

For example, signs with augmented reality (some of them very funny), robotic assistants, perhaps even a semblance Sensini – technology, which is built around the entire world of the game. Memorize Corporation has developed its men to unite into a single network. And over time, the opportunity to tie memories to digitize and manage on your own. Do you want to – share or sell, and if you want to – wash. It is worth to mention that this development, Memorize secured billions and worldwide fame? Especially because Sensini is compulsory for all. And it has already attracted the attention of law-breakers – erroristov groups that can steal memories. Who they are: criminals or people’s liberators? Not so obvious, especially for all the lost memories of Ni’lin. After all, it turns out that she is one of erroristov. And the poor girl has no choice but to trust Edge’u, erroristov chapter, the only one who did not hit the clutches of bounty hunters. But it is not without reason … And, as it turns out, is no accident of Durkee pulled it Ni’lin. After all, she’s the only memories of hunters who can modify these same memories to their advantage. The girl will expose Memorize, please do not again into the hands of bounty hunters and regain his memory.

This is the complication Remember Me, and in front of you waiting for seven to eight hours of exciting adventure with lots of memorable situations, colorful characters, interesting gameplay decisions and pleasant memories after passage. Yes, the game is not without flaws: after about the first three hours of the game tempo drops and start boring corridors, but the power of the ties are so strong, what do you think about it, and perhaps even more immersed in the game. Especially, the gameplay becomes more and more diverse. Acrobatics in the spirit of Uncharted is not boring, because every time you get into different situations and scenery, and sometimes have to strain gyrus to overcome another obstacle.

Same with boevka. Fighting here is very interesting. Ni’lin after the loss of memory would have to learn this from the very beginning. First, you have access to the most simple chain of attacks. But over time, they will be more and blows themselves in the chains can be changed at will. There are four types: cause significant damage, restoring health, reducing the focus (local type of mana), and overlapping and reinforcing previous strike. And the longer the chain hit, the stronger its effect. While all that is tied to a pair of buttons, but coupled with a variety of opponents and situations variability impacts requires a player to strategic thinking and rapid response. Sweaty palms are guaranteed. But, unfortunately, sometimes spoils a stupid camera. In close quarters it and tries to rest against the wall, and you have to hit the buttons at random.

Incidentally, the main chip of the game – changing memory. It really is the coolest in the game. But I will not describe this moment – I do not want to spoil your fun. Although there has a fly in the ointment – these moments are too few. Like puzzles, which are also very interesting and really make you think. And generally felt some skomkannost. For example, it is also about the characters. Sorely lacking timing to reveal their identity. In general, this wonderful world deserves a full RPG thirty hours at least.

But all this is not important at the end of the game, when the tension is growing, and the skin herds begin to be worn spine. All that you have previously learned, develops into a coherent and logical picture. Finals of the game does not claim to genius, but make you think, perhaps, to reconsider your values ​​or even let a tear. Believe me, it’s worth it. So far Remember Me – one of the best games of the year, albeit controversial, but past that it is not necessary to pass. Nine points.

P. S. And on my own wish Dontnod Entertainment and Capcom good sales, because I’d like to once again plunge into this unusual and appealing world.

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