A preliminary comparison of Motorola DROID MAXX and Moto X

Devices sold by the U.S. company Motorola, in our area are unpopular for obvious reasons – they’re just not available in all other markets other than the U.S..

However, not everything goes well and there, but Google continues to “pull” the father of mobile phones, despite the losses they delivered. For the last time, as you should be aware, in addition to Moto X, which represents an image of a new vision and subsequent products “Motorola”, was presented and a separate update Cinematography line DROID, including a model Mini, Ultra and MAXX.

The three smartphones, though belonging to the once lost a landmark series RAZR, but the spirit is still followed her old commandments, despite the overall programmatic and technical similarities with the change of course Moto X .

Personally, I have long wondered whether all three smartphone (except Mini, because it is different from all the others most of all – if only because of the type used in the display of the matrix) are just the same dish served at a different sauce, and now we’ll analyze this in more detail on the example of a top representative of the DROID-line, model MAXX . To start, just keeps out the obvious differences that are clear to everyone:

  • The volume of the battery, the same “max” packed an impressive battery of 3,500 mAh, while in the Moto X installed only 2200 mAh;
  • In the DROID MAXX is the wireless charging, fully compliant with Qi;
  • If Moto X is present in the majority of sales of Canadian-American operators, the MAXX is only sold under a red flag Verizon’a;
  • Strongly differing from each other diagonally displays a 4.7 and 5 inches and Moto X DROID MAXX respectively (wherein y used first onscreen buttons, touch unlike in the latter).

Now it is necessary to talk about the not so obvious things. Empirically, it was found that even “approximately” the picture of the two screens of smartphones, in no way different, they are the same color rendition. What is interesting is the fact that a smaller number of dots per inch in the MAXX does not affect in any way the quality of the display is much smaller interface elements and fonts that this could give meaning. Yes, a direct comparison is noticeable, but also what you have to peer, in his eyes, as they say, “is not obvious.”

At the moment, only Moto X received an update camera significantly improves the quality of images for the DROID MAXX is this update is only just being developed (as uttered employee Motorola). However, they set up (camera) differently after an upgrade Moto X gives a clearer picture, but in the wrong white balance under difficult conditions did not seem very bright room lighting. However, the company is, where else to improve the software, the camera app can now, for no reason at all to increase the ISO up to 1600 and even go for a mark of 2000 points, which is why the pictures are not as far as they could be – has to resort to the help of third-party applications such as Camera FV-5 .

DROID MAXX felt much more like a device than the Moto X (however, and as such it is), but the difference in the thickness of the smartphone (8.5 mm at the “max” and 10.4 mm at the “xXx”) hardly noticeable, even if they lie side by side, not to mention the feeling of comfort and fit both in hand – in many respects it is a merit tricky bend back in Moto X. However, MAXX is not such a giant as it seems; false perceptions caused largely by sharp lines of its strict and “okvadrachennoy” form.

Corporate processor X8 Mobile Computing System, based on a modified version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro MSM8960DT, despite his young age, not the shows themselves in real life simply is fine. I can safely say that this is the fastest Android-powered devices that are now available in the market, whether smartphones or tablets. Behavior everywhere in the system, third-party applications or games – all happens very quickly and smoothly. This, incidentally, confirms the failure of benchmarks that measure the production capacity of the processor, the sense remains that as soon as a program, test the performance of GPUs. By the way, off the side of “chips” type determine the velocity at Motorola Assist, «live notifications», Google Now and the other does not make sense here, at the time of the device is not affected – even more adversely affected due to the very core of the scheme and the aforementioned processing system comprising more co-processors.

Supporting these claims papers will be presented later in the final review.

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