Dominator Pro 4x4 - fast all-terrain electric skateboard

Dominator Pro 4×4 – fast all-terrain electric skateboard

Dominator Pro 4x4 - fast all-terrain electric skateboard

The Austrian company Epic Electric Skateboards presented a unique electric skateboard Dominator 3200 Pro. Electric skateboard crossover is equipped with four-wheel drive 4×4. Off-road tires, and is able to develop a high speed. And can easily compete with racing bikes.

On the highway, the model can reach speeds of 42 kilometers per hour. On a single charge, the product is capable of operating from 1.5 to 3 hours. Depending upon usage. Charging time is about three to five hours. Distance from a single charge is in the range of from 20 to 40 km. And also depends on the load motors.

Dominator Pro 4x4 - fast all-terrain electric skateboard

Electric skateboard received 4 brushless motor with a separate drive. At each wheel (distribution 4 x 800 W) and lithium battery 20000 mAh (36). Its maximum capacity is 120 kilograms. And the vehicle weighs only 31.4 kilograms.

The battery is removable devices. Conserves power by automatically shut down when there is no load (for example, on the slopes). For switching speeds using a wireless remote control (2.4 GHz). With light, speedometer, control reversing and braking system.

Dominator Pro 4x4 - fast all-terrain electric skateboard

Thanks to the all-wheel drive and special machines. Therefore, the model can equally easy to navigate roads and off-road. All components exposed to moisture. Enclosed in a sealed enclosure. Including the engine, battery, and controller. Dimensions of the electric off-road skateboard are:

• Length: 112 cm;
• Width: 54 cm;
• Height: 25 cm;
• Wheel diameter: 26 cm;
• The width of the wheel: 9 cm.

The package includes the vehicle itself. Also includes charger, remote control, manual, warranty, and repair kit. Cost skate is 1715 US dollars.

Source: Epicelectricskateboards

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