Mellow turns an ordinary in electric skateboard

Mellow turns an ordinary in electric skateboard

Mellow turns an ordinary in electric skateboard

Good news for fans of skateboarding. I want to buy an electric car, but not satisfied with the options market? It is worth paying attention to the draft Mellow. Let’s take a closer look new skateboard.

The platform allows enhance any conventional board. The size and design of easy to pick what you want. Appropriate drive installed in minutes.
The resulting vehicle is able to reach a maximum speed of 40 km / h. The brake system can regenerative. Let’s look at the other features Skateboard Mellow.

Features of the Mellow

Mellow has a 2.5kilogram power supply “outputs” 2300 Watts. The capacity is sufficient for the effective operation of the two-wheeled motor (with a total torque of 3 Nm).

Mellow turns an ordinary in electric skateboard

Battery life is sufficient for a 15-kilometer trip. Recovering from the network takes about 2 hours. However, Mellow supports fast battery replacement. Just insert a new element, and you can continue driving.

A useful bonus available USB port for charging mobile gadgets on the go.

Conclusion of the Mellow

Skateboard Mellow has an interesting feature. And now your favorite skateboard can be Electric. As regards the retail price, the price is quite high – 1699 euro. The release is expected in May 2016 (if the developers gather on Kickstarter money for mass production).

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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