Bolt - compact electric skateboard

Bolt – compact electric skateboard

Bolt - compact electric skateboard

Electric skateboard today no surprise. Huge choice – there are even “off-road”. But the developers continue to invent amazing new items. Let’s see what they want to surprise us.

A few days ago revealed a new model of the electric skateboard called Bolt. Creator of the project came up with Lorenzo Sella.

What project differs from many competitors? It is very compact – only 60 cm in length. Plus impressively easy – 4 kg.

This is the miniature vehicle of this kind. Cool thing to quickly move around the city.

Maximum speed – 21 km / h. The Battery capacity of 5000 mAh is enough for 10 kilometers. Restored the battery for 90 minutes (up to 100%). Yes, it’s excellent performance in its class.

Bolt - compact electric skateboard

An interesting feature: the built-in power supply can charge small gadgets (smartphones, tablets). For what has been said is the standard port USB.

In addition, Bolt is equipped with a wireless adapter, Bluetooth Low Energy – to synchronize with branded mobile application. Good skate with good equipment, isn’t it?

Bolt - compact electric skateboard

Retail price – 999 US dollars. Alas, the sales won’t begin soon – in October 2015. Now the creator collects on Indiegogo funds for mass production.

A great idea, let’s hope that his goal will produce the desired results.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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