Crossbow: «smart» watch Swiss with a 41-megapixel camera and support for iOS and Android

An attempt to release a hybrid of watch and mobile devices has made Apple back in 2010. Then the engineers from Cupertino presented a compact audio player iPod nano 6G, which could be worn on the wrist like a wristwatch. Wonder-gadget is not only showing the time and play the songs, but also allows you to watch photos and synchronized with the PC using the cable. The example that Apple has demonstrated three years ago, found a response among engineers and enthusiasts, as well as among the major brands, one of which was a Swiss company Hyetis. Last recently announced a “smart” watches under its own brand.

Crossbow made in monolithic aluminum case in the best Swiss companies. Dimensions of the gadget are pretty impressive, and not on each wrist watch will look harmonious. However, given the irony of contemporary fashion, a wide rubber strap watch for sure and you will see a wisp of a girl on his arm – and smartvotchi mount supplement each other. The entire front of the device is round display. The screen is covered with protective glass, affording him the safety in operation.

After synchronization with a smartphone – the gadget connects via Bluetooth to devices on iOS, Android and Windows Phone – Crossbow inform the user about the weather, incoming calls, messages from social networks and SMS, entering the mobile gadget, but also able to provide detailed information on the status of the smartphone or tablet. Built-in 41-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens promises the ability to create high-quality pictures with the hours and send them wirelessly to a mobile device. On what operating system runs Crossbow, is still unknown.

If you are really interested in “smart” clock Hyetis and you are seriously considering in the near future to buy them, then hasten to disappoint you – a chance to become the owner of a miracle devaysa small: the developers plan to release only 500 models cost $ 1,200. Further production Crossbow depends on the demand, which will receive the device.

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