Diffcase released Case for iPhone 5 with a set of lenses


A wide range of variety of accessories for the iPhone allows you to turn your device is any device. It can be used as a voice recorder, remote control or video camera.

The collection of such devices, you can add a new accessory from the company Diffcase. With the cover PhoGo Apple smartphone literally 3 seconds spent on installation design, stylish smartphone is transformed from a semi-professional camera with wide options to expand. Devaysa housing is made of plastic, but it is very durable and lightweight.

Pictures with your beloved iPhone with one hand is not very convenient, but with a new accessory PhoGo is not a problem. The ergonomic design allows the case to hold the phone in one hand without worrying that he will drop out of the palm of your hand.

The scope of the new cover includes a set of lenses: wide angle, telephoto and macro photography for. In addition PhoGo allows you to attach any device to a tripod and a lens hood.


The company promises to significantly improve the quality of image acquisition using PhoGo. According to the developers, the new product will open up a completely unprecedented camera angles, which previously could not achieve through the iPhone. In addition, without removing the device, you can answer calls made to the phone. The case is compatible with the iPhone 5.

The site Diffcase cost of cover, complete with lens is $ 34.95 .

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