The design of the Apple Store traced the handwriting of Steve Jobs

As a rule, all protected by patents Apple Developer are inside the shops themselves – on the shelves. However, the company recently received official permission for the construction of a special facade for a new store in Shanghai.

The structure built of huge slabs of glass held together by a complex system of fittings , the building is in itself . The design of which, incidentally, designed the legendary co-founder, Steve Jobs. Something similar has already stands in New York City, at the entrance to the central Apple store on Fifth Avenue. Such a huge vertical slabs of glass, similar to fixing of a minimum of steel structures. Unlike Shanghai structures that are curved plates and being abutted to each other to form a geometrically perfect circle. And , being a closed glass lid , turn into a huge transparent cylinder.

To overcome traditional limitations in the construction of glass structures , Apple engineers developed a system of struts and beams made ​​of tempered glass. They are attached to metal fittings, mounted directly to the basic structure of the glass panels themselves . Such an approach is, among other things, simplifies the installation structure and enhances the design structures of complex shape glass. The glass cube on New York’s Fifth Avenue is made in a similar way and, as already confirmed by the press service of Apple, the future multi-million dollar project to build a headquarters iSpaceship is also based on the principle of mass use of curved glass panels.

Issued by the U.S. Patent Office document assigning the copyright for Apple to “construct innovative glass panels and structures of them,” is based on an application from 2011. Among the co-authors develop Set unforgettable Steve Jobs as the developer design glass fixtures. Just another example of how the guru used his talents to non-intrusive control over many aspects of the corporation. Including those which goes far beyond the development of new computers and services.

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