Smartphone Acer Liquid Z3 won the Good Design Award

The Taiwanese company Acer has announced that Liquid Z3 , 3.5-inch compact smartphone Android, won the Good Design Award. This prize was established by the Japan Institute of Design (JDP) and is awarded for significant achievements in the field of design, enabling industrial and social progress.

Smartphone Acer Liquid Z3 has all the necessary functions and is suitable for users of all ages. Liquid Z3 will be interesting to those who buy a smartphone for the first time, and for those who are important affordable price for the device from a reputable manufacturer with service support.

The gadget has a simple touchscreen interface, four user profiles, a fast dual-core processor (core clock speed of up to 1 GHz), 512 MB RAM and is available in six colors.

In addition to the smartphone itself, the package includes an additional magnetic flip cover the color of the device and the headset. Liquid Z3 – one of the most compact smartphone with a screen size of 3.5 inches, brought together in one small package all the essentials.

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