[Concept] iPhone 6, or a giant iPod nano

Before the announcement of the next iPhone model is still very much time, so while we do not got no leak, which could be done at least some conclusions. Float just rumors, and the rumors continue to produce concepts.

New concept published colleagues from MacRumors, based on rumors that the design of the iPhone 6 will take some decisions of iPhone 5c and iPod nano 7th generation. Together with artist Martin iCulture Hayek presented as he sees it. Painter is an artist not to be limited heard. Martin took from the player is slightly larger than stated in the rumors.

Creator also repelled by the idea of ​​increasing the display by 4.7 inches diagonal. Some rumors were talking about two different display: 4.7 and 5.7 inches. The greatest variation in this case is quite difficult to imagine. Although as comfortable to hold the unit in this case with display 4.7 – is not known.

Besides the hull shape and size, changes were noticed. The same set of colors, popular nowadays not only in Apple , Sensor Touch ID, and is the same camera location, connectors and holes.

Though it is said that the artist was inspired by player iPod, the result somehow reminded me of some smartphones from LG. I can not say that in this form iPhone looks bad, but also can not say that it is a smartphone want to see this fall.

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