The Wolf Among Us: the tale of the detective story


There are different ways refers to the most recent works Telltale, apart from The Walking Dead full game, but this project has become a real phenomenon in the gaming industry, triggering a wave of discussions at professional conferences, and specialized sites and gaming forums. The very same Telltale has decided to build on this success, and, together with the second season of The Walking Dead, has announced another project in the comic books, made ​​in the same manner – The Wolf Among Us. This time served as the basis for a series Fables from Vertigo (DC Comics).

Fables – an unusual interpretation of the classic fairy tales. Long before the events of the main line of comics and games, which is a kind of prequel to the series, the characters of fairy tales and magical creatures have been driven out of Oz enemies and settled around the world, trying to hide among the people. Most of them settled in the United States, creating in New York City’s own, hidden from the eyes of a community of people – Fabletown. Most of the inhabitants of Fabletown enjoys special charm, hiding their unusual appearance, and those who can not afford expensive magic or unable to hide beastly nature, are sent to the farm closed pastoral community in the country.

Characters survive in our world as they can. Some, like Bluebeard, managed to bring into exile all his fortune and grief does not know. King became the honorary mayor of Fabletown, Snow White settled secretary, Monster works for several jobs to ensure a comfortable life Belle, Prince Charming been hanging around the courts of Europe, and lives like a gigolo, and some princess went to the panel. 


One of the main characters of the game and comic book Fables The Wolf Among Us – Great Grey Wolf. After the expulsion of all the magical creatures have agreed to forgive past sins to each other and live peacefully, holding on to each other. So a former serial killer grandmothers and enemy pigs became sheriff of Fabletown, taking the name Bigby Wolf. But, in spite of the fact that Wolf is friends with one of the three little pigs, many do not trust him, remembering past atrocities. Bigby Wolf – nuarny typical detective. Ill-shaven, wearing a long coat, drinking alone, smokes a lot and says little. Actually, The Wolf Among Us, like Fables – is a series of detective stories with a touch of satire. 



The Wolf Among Us is built exactly on the same principles as The Walking Dead. By and large – this is not a game but an interactive story, with a choice of options in the dialogues and a couple of QTE in every episode. Actually these very quick time event here look quite alien. Indeed, after a leisurely examining the scene of the crime and the chic sharp dialogue, jumping into the fray, istuplenno press Q, somehow amazingly stupid. 


The rest of The Wolf Among Us gorgeous. This time, unlike The Walking Dead, the authors were able to fully stylize the image below comics, even repeating the brand colors of Fables. The game can be cut at the screenshots and make up to another edition comic book, no one will notice the difference. Tired after a hard day’s Wolf, sassy pig Colin, on long-term habit of hating Wolf Harvester, businesswomen Snow White – despite the naivete, the characters of the game turned out to be surprisingly fresh and authentic. 


By the way, as is the case with The Walking Dead, read the comics before the game is not recommended. Since The Wolf Among Us direct prequel Fables, in the comics there are some spoilers regarding the fate of the characters.

As in the previous game, Telltale, the characters remember your actions and your choices, according to the authors, will affect the final game. However, even on The Walking Dead, we remember that this relationship was very conventional, and in the case of The Wolf Among Us while it seems that the choice is very formal, and nothing on impact. Let’s see how events will develop further.


The first episode of The Wolf Among Us – Faith, has already appeared, the release date of the other four has not been announced, but by analogy with The Walking Dead, you can expect to see the episodes again in two months. Given that at the end of the year in the same series comes out on The Walking Dead Season Two, episode two games probably will alternate. Faith, like A New Day in The Walking Dead, it is rather an installation episode player familiarity with the characters and the world of Fables, although some plot solutions may surprise those familiar with the comic book. 


Probably The Wolf Among Us will not be such an eye-opener for the players and critics, as last year’s The Walking Dead, but, undoubtedly, Telltale once again managed to create a very stylish and fascinating history. And let’s not really a game, it does not make the story told in it, not in the least worse. If you like what makes Telltale, do not miss their new job.

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