Chrome cast can already transmit the complete desktop

Than the $ 35 Google Chrome cast stick presented many were thrilled by the small device. Not least because you can also wirelessly transmit a browser tab from the PC. Unfortunately, Google still has a way to conceal during the presentation. It’s long been known that Chrome can also access the contents of the entire desktop. For some time there namely a remote desktop tool with which you can control from any remote PC from another PC. Such a possibility, it now seems to give beta-default in Chrome cast plugin for the Chrome browser.

If the “Cast Entire Screen (experimental)” option is activated, namely the full desktop is transmitted. Unfortunately, the sound transmission does not work despite the audio mode is enabled, but because Google will certainly still work. There is as well when streaming a single Chrome Tabs still a slight delay of less than a second, so you obviously can not use the whole thing in all applications. Now the Chrome cast stick just have to come to Germany when that will be the case is still not yet clear.

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