Holovision company wants to collect a million dollars to create the holographic setup, able to create objects of a man’s height

Technology to create holograms excites minds for quite some time. This term was coined Denes Gabor (Gabor Denes), who in 1971 won the Nobel Prize “for his invention and development of the holographic method.” And in 1977 in the movie “Star Wars,” you could see how it might look like in real life.

To date to achieve this effect, which can be seen in the modern (and not) movie failed. Company Holovision, having already working in the field of technology (you can see in the video), beginning on Kickstarter collect funds in the amount of 950,000 dollars for the implementation of a project to create holograms in human growth. More precisely, the money needed to create a device capable of producing such a hologram. Picture able to reach a height of up to 1.8m and will be formed at a distance of 2.1 m from the “screen”. Technology is based on a brand new light source, the details of which the company does not disclose.

It is interesting that no matter how much money you donate to the benefit of the project, you will not get a holographic installation. For a maximum amount of 10 thousand dollars, you can count on the current generation of holographic setup with a 17-inch screen with a pre-set holograms and the possibility of its expansion, a private dinner with the project team, as well as 4 tickets to the event, which will demonstrate the installation of a new generation.

Perhaps the most curious that this list is you yourself, as a demonstration of the hologram. It will be downloaded to your gift a 17-inch unit, and will also be on display during the exhibition. Also, for the contributions of $ 300 can get a miniature holographic display with a diagonal of “screen” 3 inches.

Unfortunately, at the moment only collected 12,000 dollars. At the end of this period there were only 18 days.

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