Google Chromecast: global launch in 2014 and SDK coming soon

Chromecast is now available for several months in America and its development has seen significant progress and improvements both on the part of Google by independent developers. Unfortunately, in Italy and in many other countries you can not buy this accessory and many applications and services at the present time are not compatible with our market by restricting the use of Chromecast a few functions if the wanted to buy in Italy.

Fortunately, in the plans of Google seems to be a global launch in 2014. It is very interesting as a novelty, the large-scale commercialization, will also include the release of the SDK, and then, finally, a complete and official development base on which developers can build. In addition to this are planned many new services and important agreements that could lead to extend the use of Chromecast on other devices by creating a sort of ecosystem cast to be able to share content, and access the features of HDMI dongle by other devices.

We therefore hope that in Italy may soon get Chromecast and many services to make the most of this product.

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