Canary: a new generation of security system based on the iPhone

How often do you go out of the house without my iPhone? Maybe right now you’re standing in a traffic jam and read the text to the screen device. Analysts predict that in the near future phones will become the accepted means of remote access to a variety of equipment, installed at home. Including the security system.

The new device is represented by a startup Canary, is intended to change the views of the system of protection and protect the right place easily, quickly, and most importantly with minimal expense. A small alarm system is easy to install, and management at all trivial, since by using iPhone.

“Traditional security alarm technology has reached the peak of its development. Its growth potential has been exhausted. To move forward, we must move towards integration and interactivity with the user “- say the developers.

To install the security system Canary not need to connect the wires, cables and other elements that cause suspicion attackers. Communication works via wireless Internet. The alarm is only one component includes: a control unit that supports the network Wi-Fi.

The unit is equipped with security system sensors that respond to movement inside the room, the sounds, changes in temperature, humidity and air quality. Built-in sensors scan the space located in front of them and react to any disturbance of the peace.

Canary equipped with HD-camera and microphone, through which you can in real time see and hear everything that is going on inside the house. Once the sensor is triggered, an alarm signal is transmitted via push-notification to the mobile device.

Currently Canary is under fundraising site Indiegogo. And just a few days the developers managed to collect an amount that is three times higher than necessary to start production of the device.

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