BrilliantTS - smart credit card

BrilliantTS – smart credit card

A very unusual means of payment developed by CSR. It is about the project BrilliantTS. This universal solution can replace smart credit card counterparts.

Feature of smart credit card

The product is equipped with a chip CSR1013, which stores data up to 30 ordinary cards. That’s great – a novelty is compatible with most existing ATMs.

Fits any terminal serving Europay, Mastercard, and Visa.

Why carry several cards when one is enough?

In addition, BrilliantTS has NFC, plays the role of an electronic key, is able to generate one-time passwords, and allows you to pay public transport.

Synchronization with mobile gadgets (ie smartphones) is carried out on Bluetooth Smart 4.1.

If you believe the CSR, implementation will begin shortly.

Source: csr

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