Boeing has patented a flying best drone, able to transform into a submarine

Boeing has patented a flying best drone, able to transform into a submarine

Earlier this year, the Patent Office of the United States to accept the bid from Boeing Company for a patent for a “fast to deploy an air and water vehicles.” In other words, Boeing has patented a remote controlled flying best drone that can transform into a submarine. Here’s how it works.

What is special of best drone from Boeing?

According to plans of Boeing, patented drone can be delivered to the destination area using a special aircraft carrier. After that, the drone undock from him and continue to solo flight. Thus, if necessary, he will be able to plunge into the water.

To reduce weight and improve the hydrodynamic properties after immersion best drone to get rid of its wings and propellers, using explosive bolts and a water-soluble glue. In their place will propellers to move under water, as well as rudders.

Boeing has patented a flying best drone, able to transform into a submarine

The company says that in the air and the underwater best drone will be powered by a single engine. Nevertheless, the characteristics of this motor are not disclosed.

The underwater best drone will deploy its payload – supplies and weapons. In addition, the drone can be used for underwater exploration. In the underwater mode, it will use the built-in ballast tanks to control the depth of the dive.

After the underwater mission, drone pops up to the surface and transmit the collected data to other drones or command center.

Here is how this apparatus itself Boeing in its patent:

“The vehicle is capable of simultaneously for the flight and underwater movement. It consists of housing, specially designed to fly and movement under water; wing or stabilizer is attached to the body during the flight; the first set of propellers, which uses the vehicle during flight; coaxial with the first set the second set of propellers that uses the vehicle during the movement under water; at least one fastening element that secures the first set of propellers during the flight, and separates them from the fuselage after the dive.”

Like most patents described herein best drone is only an idea and not reached even before the concept stage. But if Boeing could bring his idea to the mind and begin to produce such drones transformers, they are certain there will be buyers.

Source: businessinsider

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