Net Applications: Windows 8 for the first time surpassed Mac OS X

Gameloft and Amiga Games will release versions of games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Since the release of the final version of Windows 8 a year has passed, and about two years since the first pre-release version of the OS. That’s how long it took Windows 8 to get around Mac OS X on the world market for operating systems.

install-130902 An estimated Net Applications , as of August 2013 Windows 8 is 7.41% of the world market. For comparison, in July, the new operating system Microsoft held only 5.4%. Leadership position in the OS market still holds Windows 7 – 45.63%, which is 0.94% more than in the previous month.

The share of Windows XP in August dropped to 33.66%. A month earlier, it owned 37.19% of the market. In August, the total share of Mac OS X (version 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8) on a global scale was 6.72%, versus 6.65% in July.

The share of Windows Vista was 4.11%, which is still higher than the share of Mac OS X version 10.8. The share of older versions of Windows and Mac OS X, and Linux is 2.46%.

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