Facebook called the potential buyer BlackBerry


According to The Wall Street Journal , two representatives of BlackBerry last week visited the headquarters of Facebook, to evaluate the potential interest of a social network to buy smartphone maker. Recently, Facebook has a great interest in the market of smart phones, as more than half of the company’s advertising sales accounted for by mobile devices.

Not so long ago, in partnership with the social network launched HTC smartphone First, and with it the shell for Android called Facebook Home. Both of these initiatives have not become successful, it could push Facebook to buy their own smartphone maker, as it previously did Google and Microsoft. This move will give the social network not only access to specialists and Patents BlackBerry, but also full control over the development of the BlackBerry platform 10. The latter may look for Facebook is even more attractive because it will lay the basis for all OS services and implement a social network integration, which is still unreachable on other platforms.

However, at the moment it is not known whether Facebook is willing to bargain for BlackBerry, and whether to sell the smartphone manufacturer in whole or in parts. Despite his problems with BlackBerry still has $ 2.6 billion of cash and no debt, and the company’s patents are estimated by analysts at $ 3.1 billion

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