BioLite CampStove – charge your iPhone from the stove

The device, which was delivered to our office, very unusual. This stove Biolite Campstove. Yes, it really is a hiking stove, which, for all its portability, can be very useful if you are going for a hike. It would seem, and where do the iPhone ?

And the iPhone, as well, and other smart phones, it is very even with it. Besides the fact that you can easily boil the kettle or fry an egg in field conditions using Biolite Campstove , also you will be able to enter virtually any device – MP3-player, portable speaker, a regular phone, flashlight and more. In this case, it can be done simultaneously with the cooking. with the unit is small – in a little box we find a metal stove in the form of a cylinder with legs, metal stand for a pot or pan, thermoelectric generator, USB-cable, specially formulated for ignition, like a tile hematogen and instructions for use.

Product Features:

  • Size when folded – height 21 cm, width 12.7 cm
  • Weight – 935 grams
  • Fuel – organic biomass (branches, leaves, buds, bark, small pieces of wood)
  • The return fire power – Peak: 3.4 kW (M), 5.5 kW (Max)
  • Delivery of power to the USB port max. – Continuous: 2W @ 5V peak: 4W @ 5V
  • While boiling water – 4.5 minutes per 1 liter of water. The time depends on the strength of the fire.
  • The volume of fuel – 46 grams of wood to boil 1 liter of water
  • The main body – anodized aluminum
  • The distribution of energy – due to built-in microprocessor, which distributes electricity to the USB port and a fan

With the generator, plastic parts, fastened to the body of the stove, located in front of the main controls – three LEDs, power button and the fan connector USB, which is produced through the initial charging of the generator and then to the smartphone. Thus, once charged the generator, the need for subsequent refilling is no longer, as in the use of the generator battery is maintained the energy obtained from burning.

To melt the stove, have mangled dead branches and use the same gematogenopodobny composition. When you turn on the stove, the fan will blow the generator, and that he did not nerazgorevsheesya blew out the flame still need to make sure that the branches are really small and dry. I think almost every one of our readers have ever made a fire, or at least involved in the process as a spectator, so the intricacies of a fire in field conditions, it is not necessary to speak in detail. The manufacturer does not recommend the use of dry leaves – a lot of smoke, and there is practically no sense.

If the kindling fire is successful, the fuser will go to a second mode of the fan. At this point, it can be compared to a jet engine, so much she fans the flames around him. When the combustion temperature is high and stable, the LED on the front panel of the light turns green, it means it’s time to get recharged a smartphone. And at the same time and a kettle, a liter of water BioLite stove boil for 5 minutes.

Of course, we should not expect that the stove will charge you a smartphone at the charger supplied, the output power of the stove is still lower. But on the other hand, when you’re in the woods, and around outlets and does not smell, then this option will simply manna from heaven. In addition, it is worth repeating, charging electronic gadgets – it’s not the only thing that can make a stove. Brew a cup of tea, fry an egg or cook a small pot of freshly caught fish soup – it’s all the same can be done with BioLite Campstove. We suggest you see how it all works in our short video where we tried out the stove in the “field.”

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Look a video from russian roads:

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