A new iPhone app identifies the tire pressure on a photo


Developer Kfir Whitman was the author of the application with which motorists can monitor tire pressure, using the iPhone. It is sufficient to simply take a photo wheel.

Innovative new application called TireCheck. After the user makes a picture wheel, the image is automatically loaded to the website of Neomatix, where with the help of special algorithms, the system will analyze the condition of each tire. Thus, the motorist will receive a full diagnosis of the wheels, and in case of failure, the system will prompt him to nearest service centers, where the pressure of wheels will return to normal. In addition, the program will provide additional useful information, such as a car owner is losing money while driving in a car with incorrectly inflated tires.

Can use the application as long as only the owners of iPhone, but soon TireCheck will be released on Android-powered devices.

iphone-app-identifies-tire-pressure-photo-raqwe.com-02“Movement with flat tires can increase fuel consumption of your car and puts the driver and passengers at unnecessary risk. TireCheck allows you to check the tire pressure and cheerful without contact, simply by using their device iOS. Use TireCheck and start saving immediately! “.

iphone-app-identifies-tire-pressure-photo-raqwe.com-03The developers say that the work on TireCheck takes a little time. Utility translated into 16 languages ​​and includes detailed instructions. According to the author Kfir Innovation Whitman, if used to determine the pressure in the tires need to get your hands dirty, and now for this to make only one photo.

The app is free and available for download in the App Store at this link.

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