Benefits for buyers new Apple Watch Edition

Benefits for buyers new Apple Watch Edition

Benefits for buyers new Apple Watch Edition

Perhaps many will agree that the watch Apple may be the first status-clock. This week it became known that Apple seriously manufacturer decided to take care about the safety of exclusive model Apple Watch Edition, which included 18-karat gold. To this end, Apple is planning to install in their stores special safes that will protect an expensive novelty from thieves. But that’s not all.

Sales consultants will be trained by experts on how to present the most profitable customer pros special treatment to those who are interested in buying gold model Apple Watch. Shops Apple, apparently, will soon become more like jewelry boutique with weights, which will weigh gold Apple Watch. On the scale will measure the amount of gold in those hours that the client wants vernut.S Given that Apple Watch Edition, according to preliminary estimates, will cost about $ 5,000, it is possible that each Apple Store will attend a specialist who will adjust the clock arm the new owner and will help to synchronize the device with the iPhone.

But do not expect special treatment, if you had your eye on the cheap ($ 350) sports model of this watch.

As always, Apple is trying to create a buzz around him. No, to take and release the clock in time. After all, before the company was planning to start selling its first wearable gadget at the beginning of this year. Then he shifted and shifted the date. The latest information says that Apple Watch will be released in April. While apple corporation slow and improving their offspring, other manufacturers entering the market and win customers. Even by trial and error.

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