New Bracelet Tago Arc will not have to charge

New Bracelet Tago Arc will not have to charge

New Bracelet Tago Arc will not have to charge

World of Wearable technology is still in search of style icons. At the beginning of 2015 there were already candidates for the prize of “most fashionable”. Curved smart bracelet company Liber8, Tago Arc, is equipped with a thin E-Ink display that can be customized with images from the library of your smartphone. The device resembles a crazy LookSee presented at CES.

Unfortunately, the download is only available in black and white images, which can be set using a special application. Although we note that the company has created a market where the user can select and download a favorite picture, and then edit it on your phone.

The main objective sought by the creators of Tago Arc, is to come up with a bracelet, not burdened with unnecessary buttons and cables. Developers have gone further: they have created a device does not need to be charged. This was made possible by not consuming a lot of energy E-Ink display. That it shows the standard notification and even QR-code. In the future, the company wants to add the option of mobile payments – Tago Arc Pay.

Cost device still unknown. This is not surprising: the mass production will begin at the end of the bracelet in 2015.

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