XploR a new "smart" cane for the blind

XploR a new “smart” cane for the blind

XploR a new "smart" cane for the blind

Modern technology makes life more interesting and easier. This applies not only to ordinary users, but also those whose physical abilities are limited. Let’s look at a new invention for blind people.

Useful novelty invented at Birmingham City University. Several students have created a “smart” cane for the blind. It is called XploR. Let’s look at the basic features of a smart cane for the blind.

Features of the XploR

The device helps to navigate in space, as well as quickly find loved ones.

The product operates as follows. The device scans the bystanders, comparing their faces with pictures of friends and family members. The pictures are taken from the memory card to “tie” the phone.

If a distance of 10 meters have people. That XploR direct owner sticks to them (using the voice assistant and the navigation module GPS).

XploR a new "smart" cane for the blind

To alert is a wireless earpiece. Synchronization is performed by Bluetooth.

While this is only a prototype, it is not sold. However, many medical companies enjoyed invention. It is possible that the device will soon bring “to mind” and released to the public.

Conclusion of the XploR

The new device XploR really has very good features. New smart cane to help make life easier for blind and make your system feel alive.

Source: Gizmag

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