Google has blocked the WP-YouTube client from Microsoft

Between Google and Microsoft was a misunderstanding, injuring users of devices based on the OS Windows Phone . Speech on YouTube and a special client Microsoft. For the past few days, users can not see a video of the Google service on their smartphones. Internet-based company said that the application violates the terms of service, and it basically surprised by the appearance of a new version of the program without prior approval, according to The Verge . Actually with the release of updates and problems, though, as it turned out, the premise of the conflict were before.

As the representative of Microsoft, Google claimed to alter the application, using his technology-based HTML5. In this case, by requiring the parties had been promised help, but it redmondskaya company has not received. Implement HTML5 instead of the engine before was technically difficult and inefficient. Thus, Microsoft ignored the demands and Google has released a new version of the YouTube client without prior approval.

It is worth noting that Microsoft surprised the requirements of Google’s HTML5 implementation in the application, as this engine is not used in the YouTube version of the client for iOS, or in a version for Android. At the moment companies are working hard to reach a mutually beneficial solution, and users continue to suffer due to lack of easy access to YouTube on Windows Phone.

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