Apple patents Sharing content on Hold

The site Patent and Trademark United States had discovered an interesting patent that would allow users iPhone to share with each other different kind of content directly in the course of a telephone conversation. According to the Idea Apple, to transfer photos, location data and other information will be on hold.

Looking forward to a call, the user can refer to display an interactive menu that it is the network can download a content that his companion was opened for public access. Among the types of content includes photos, music, videos, calendar events, location information and more. Video and music are likely to be available only for streaming, not for a full load.

In addition, due to the special settings, you can choose the range of interlocutors, which he is ready to carry more content than others. For example, family members, some of the materials we would like to show, while shielding them from the looks of strangers.

When a user on the other end is ready to return to the conversation, the system will complete the card sharing. At the same time, if desired material is not loaded, the caller can wait for the download process and return to the conversation at will. Undoubtedly, if this feature is implemented in iOS, it will be very glad to mobile operators that are sure to celebrate the growth of traffic.

According to the materials

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