MSI Primo 76 review 

MSI Primo 76 review 

MSI Primo 76 review 

Chances are most of you know, MSI as one of the market leaders accessories like motherboards, video cards, and such other things. Less likely you have heard about the manufacturer on his laptop, which in our market quite a bit, but if you try, you can find. But I’m pretty sure about the tablet from MSI Primo 76 review you have heard quite a bit. At least when the device came to me to the test, I was a bit surprised by the fact that the company in general have a tablet in stock.

Immediately it is worth noting the fact that the hero of this review, namely MSI Primo 76 review, belongs to a class of budget models. Its cost in Ukraine starts from the amount which at the time of the review is equivalent to about $ 170, so expect some superharakteristik or record levels of performance are not worth it. They, in fact, not.

One of the distinguishing features of the device is the fact that this is not a tablet. It is built not just a 3G-module with the ability to use the device for ubiquitous access to the Internet, but also a full earpiece for making calls. So, given the trends in the face smartfonostroeniya 6 Plus iPhone or Nexus 6, MSI Primo 76 review is quite possible to call and Phablet. Here it is as someone more like.

Design and ergonomics – MSI Primo 76 review

Design of the device is very mixed feelings. On the one hand, the body is used in the manufacture of metal that we are accustomed to associate with premium devices. However, this metal is only part of the rear surface, and it is framed by a frame made of glossy plastic, which is just accustomed to associate with the budget and not very good device. And in addition to tactile sensations glossy plastic just created in order not to miss any of the fingerprints that his concern.

MSI Primo 76 review 

Also konekste back panel we see two speaker grilles. Their location is poor, although it is worth their credit, cut off their hand-grip at any quite difficult. Personally, I would certainly prefer the front speakers. Still more tablet designed for content consumption than the same smartphones, where the location of the speaker is not the critical factor. However, perhaps I’m too nit.

On the front panel, you can see only the screen diagonal is 7″ peephole in the front of the camera and the earpiece grille. Neither the manufacturer’s logo, nor any additional unnecessary items is not there, it can be safely written plus tablet. Control keys are implemented on the screen, so that the chin serves only as a place to grip for landscape orientation.

MSI Primo 76 review 

The side faces are largely occupied, although the elements they put quite a lot. All of them (elements) are concentrated in the upper right corner of the tablet MSI Primo 76 review, if you hold it in portrait orientation screen to face. There and slots under the SIM- and MicroS- cards under one cap, and Connectors microUSB, microHDMI, 3,5 mm jack, and the power key and the volume rocker. The latter, incidentally, is located near the upper corner, which, as for me, not the best place for them. It seems to me, to change keys with the slots place would be much more logical.

MSI Primo 76 review 

Another couple of features that are worth mentioning – a border camera and a button called “Greetings from the nineties.” In the first case, instead of, for example, a manufacturer of flash for some reason decided to put an inscription «5.0 MEGA» (yes, that CBSA), who says everyone around something like, “You thought that once I iron, I cool? Throw those thoughts immediately! 5.0 MEGA! ». Frankly, such trifle spoils the appearance.

The second point, which reminds me personally some very old device – a hole called Reset. Pushing her need something sharp, and it performs a function at hardware reset. Apparently, the manufacturer suggests that may hang, out of which you can only force a reboot. Why not implement this function, for example, long power button pressed, a mystery to me.

Of the same pleasant trifles (which are also present) can be distinguished OTG-cable that comes with the power adapter and charging cable.

Display – MSI Primo 76 review

MSI Primo 76 review 

Screen device MSI Primo 76 review is made by technology IPS, its diagonal is 7″ and the resolution of 1280 x 800. In principle, the screen is very good. Especially considering the positioning device. Color reproduction is quite good, although slightly palely that, in principle, traditionally for devices of this class. Supply of brightness for easy darkroom, and for a bright sun lit streets. And it just is not very typical for the public sector and that is good news.

Sound – MSI Primo 76 review

As already mentioned, the speakers are located on the rear panel inside the two slits, covered grilles. But there is a great feature. contrary to expectations, in fact, be just one speaker, and it is located under the left grid. At the same time, and the quality of it is poor. Sound is quiet and flat, so it is better, perhaps, to use headphones. They do not sound the same fountain, but at least it will go right into your ears.

MSI Primo 76 review 

Also, the device MSI Primo 76 review has the earpiece, which is also pretty mediocre quality. However, given that the tablet looks a size near the head quite comical, the advice remains the same – use headphones / headset.

Camera – MSI Primo 76 review

MSI Primo 76 review 

Cameras MSI Primo 76 review in the planet is, okay. Photograph on a tablet sin, so let’s even talk about them will not. Of course, if you need to urgently take a picture of a document or something like that, for these purposes the camera with the inscription «5.0 MEGA» approach. For the rest – no. But the front with a resolution of 2 MP come for Skype and other video services.

Software – MSI Primo 76 review

The operating system installed Android 4.2 JellyBean, which is quite frustrating, even taking into account the nature of the budget tablet. We would like to still see 4.4 KitKat, because the other day came already Android 5.0 Lollipop .

Besides the interface itself somehow behaves very strangely. Although the version of the operating system and close to the sink, but all items are displayed very finely. Regards it as the onscreen keys to statusbare and icons and everything else. Another worth mentioning installed by default onscreen buttons change the volume, which are on either side of our usual on-screen “back”, “home” and “multitasking”.

No special preset chips that would be worth highlight, no. Is that unusual for tablets application icon “Phone”.

Productivity – MSI Primo 76 review

In MSI Primo 76 review set is not the most efficient processor of MTK, MT8389, in conjunction with graphics PowerVR SGX544MP and 1 GB of RAM. All this is to cope with everyday tasks, but no more. Yet for the budget to pay smoothness. Powerful toys, of course, you can run, but they will squander fps, and maximum enjoyment from the game you are unlikely to get.

In Antutu MSI Primo 76 review gaining about 14,700 parrots, if the value of benchmarks for you still mean something.

MSI Primo 76 review 

In general, the tablet MSI Primo 76 review will meet the needs of a very undemanding user, but not much more than that. Everyday tasks like browsing, watching videos, etc. Are performed at an acceptable level of performance. For something in excess of the above, I would not recommend to use the tablet.

Regarding the life of the battery, MSI Primo 76 review lives about a half to two days, if not use the mobile Internet. With the active SIM card to put him in an active mode and a real one day.

Conclusion – MSI Primo 76 review

MSI Primo 76 review – representative of the low-end tablet that it corresponds to the full. Having a good screen rather pleasant metal insert in the body, as well as 3G-module with the ability to voice calls, the device has a noticeable drawback: not the best iron, severely limits the user is, what it can use the tablet MSI Primo 76 review.

MSI Primo 76 review 

In addition, the company felt the lack of experience in the development of this class of gadget that is expressed in a number of ergonomic solutions (the location of the power key, for example). Yet glands from MSI Primo 76 review do until it turns much better.

As a result, an inexpensive tablet could come inexperienced users who need a small device for surfing and browsing youtube’a. But do not forget about the possibility of making calls, which for many can be very important. But if you want to squeeze all the juice out of the device and not to lose the smoothness and speed of work, then perhaps you need to pay attention to the slightly higher price segment.

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