Apple IIc: out of Lego

Fans of old school, old computers Macintosh, those who care about such names as Apple IIc, and just for those who love beautiful things and designers Lego! They found a set of first-class – My First Computer («My First Computer”), 254 parts, full authenticity in every detail – gathered and enjoy the beauty!

It seems that there will be appropriate to say a few words about this computer. In general, Apple II – the first computer Apple, mass-produced. You can see the different spelling of names – «Apple] [» and «Apple / /», then only the differences in the versions of the model. But it was Apple IIc was introduced in the spring of 1984, at that time it was the coolest computer already lived up to the ‘plug and play. ” prefix “c” in the name means that this version is portable than the others, under the portability understood the ability to easily move your computer from place to place, has been provided for the convenience of pen, retractable into the housing. Batteries, of course, if the computer was not.

Apple IIc was the first computer Apple, developed in accordance with the new direction in the design of the company, he was named Snow White design language («Snow White”), the color of the computer called «Fog» («Fog”). At the time, the little things were very important.

Engineers Lego stuff is not less important, so is the set of all buttons, keyboard, monitor stand, carry handle, hidden in the body, the mouse, and even its cord with connector! The assembly process is fascinating is not less than the result, you can see for yourself in the video.

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Look a video from russian roads:


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