8 small advantages of OS X over Windows


Constant skirmishes adherents of a particular operating system – is quite a common thing for the internet, and everyday life. And if the main differences between Windows and Mac known to most, is the existence of certain applications and features that many do not even know. Today we’ll talk about some things that you can safely make a Mac and not in Windows. Not to say that this is some kind of scale advantages, but as an argument in the next debate will be very useful.

Searching for words on a Mac

Simply highlight a word in applications such as TextEdit, Safari and Mail, right-click and choose “Find a word.” You immediately will pop up a window with the issuance of the results in this way from the Oxford dictionary, a dictionary of its own Apple, but also “Wikipedia”. Yes, on Windows-based computers, you can install programs such as ABBYY Lingvo, various extensions for browsers, but Mac has it all right out of the box, that you will agree, it is convenient.

Retrieve old versions of files

How often have you had it that, by chance, or the particular circumstances you have lost data? If Word is the Autosave system, most often after the departure of the application (and this is quite possible), most likely you can say goodbye to the document. In standard applications, Mac, such as TextEdit and Preview, it is possible to view a complete history of all recent changes, regardless of whether you saved the document or not. To do this, click on the filename in the title bar and select “List all versions.”

Instantly view all the files on Mac

Select the file and click on “Quick View” and you get the «Quick Look» of its content – regardless of whether the document is, movies, audio files or pictures. That is, you do not need to run the installation to see what is there, no need to open your powerful video player, etc. In order to understand what kind of file (say, if the title does not define it), you can use this feature. Fast and convenient!

A quick exchange of files between Mac, located near

How often should I send the file to the computer of a man sitting two meters away from you? Windows-users usually do this by using flash drives, file sharing, sending the mail, etc. All these methods are not comfortable and time consuming. The owner of Mac is a feature AirDrop . For it to work does not need to configure anything, it is enough to be in a Wi-Fi connection, and then just transfer the files in the Finder to a certain place. Again, a very convenient and saves a lot of time for sure.

Create screencasts on Mac

Screencast – digital video information displayed on the computer screen, literally, capture video from your screen. It is necessary to explain anything, the shooting gameplay, etc. In order to do this on Windows, you need to buy special software on the Mac once again it is available out of the box. In order to remove the screencast, open QuickTime Player and choose File-New record the image on the screen. You will see a small window with timecode and start-stop button. After recording, you can view the resulting video and save it to your specifications.

Annotate images and documents on the Mac

Double-click on the image or PDF, open it in the preview window, and then click “Change” button in the toolbar (on the left of the search bar.) New toolbar will appear, showing the tools that you can use to add text comments, arrows, and even a facsimile of your signature.

Making calls on the iPhone or iPad, messaging

Open the application FaceTime, register your Apple ID on your Mac. After that you will be able to make audio and video calls with your contacts, as well as receive calls from them. It should be noted that the need for audiozvonkov OS X Mavericks and iOS 7. Similarly, you can exchange messages in the application iMassage “Messages”.

Instantly create PDF-files on Mac

Open the file or page, please click the button “Print”. In the dialog box “Print”, click the PDF button in the lower left corner, then select “Save as PDF».


As you can see, the functions are not that extensive, but certainly very useful. I agree with the fact that virtually all of this can be done with the help of third-party software on Windows, but the fact is that this is a Mac at once and for free. Besides, it works very quickly and smoothly. Dispose of Windows, buy a Mac!

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