The designer has created a concept iPhone 6, which turns into iPad mini

The last six years of design of the iPhone is undergoing subtle changes, much remains in place, including, of course, branded patented shape of a rectangle with rounded corners. The author of the concept iPhone 6 decided to completely revise the established tradition, in this case we will have to deal with a folding version of the device Apple.

The concept of the new “apple” smartphone, created by designer Priteshe Chavanne, is a phone-transformer, which is a single movement turns into a tablet. He calls his work in the same breakthrough, which at the time was the first iPhone.

Folded iPhone 6 has a display diagonal 4.2 inches, and in the unfolded – 5.8 “or 7.5” depending on the number of open sections. The operating system iOS 7 will automatically activate the desired mode of operation.

Housing and battery smartphone uses graphene. This material allows you to reduce the size of iPhone 6, making it thinner, lighter and much more durable at the same time. Speakers for the “incredible” sound by the concept laid out along the side faces of the device.

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