Apple bought HotStop, iOS map navigation functions may join public transport

Apple pass will acquire public transportation navigation HotStop, as Apple Maps added public transit information.

According to Bloomberg News, Apple will acquire mass transit information software HotStop, and Apple subsequently confirmed the news. HotStop multiple U.S. cities with a large number of public transport information will be able to use its own forecast map data, the lack of public transportation navigation features Apple Maps complement public transportation information.

In addition to driving and walking navigation outside, HotStop currently has more than 500 cities around the world (including 140 major cities) for public transit information, and has two platforms iOS and Android application. Currently on the iOS platform, if users want to search for public transit information, Apple will recommend to have that functionality third equation, Apple Maps is still a lack of this feature.

Abstain from Apple in iOS 6 Google Maps map data, use their own map data, the majority being criticized, and even Apple CEO Tim Cook are therefore issued a letter of apology , and later on lead to the development of responsible iOS Scott Forstall leave. Many users believe that Apple Maps map data is not exhaustive, it lacks many important functions, public transportation navigation is one of them.

Apple complement system through the acquisition of a lack of functionality is not new practices in the past Apple has acquired Cover Flow feature that lets iTunes and the Finder to take advantage of 3D animation class graphical interface to view records, document cover and content.

In addition HotStop outside, Apple also came on the 19th local business community will acquire information services Locationary, as Apple Maps provide local business information. This may indicate in the near future, Apple Maps will have a major feature updates, make it closer to the users’ needs.

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