Apple’s new patent, the next generation iPhone screen or the built-in fingerprint recognition

According to Apple’s new patents obtained, the next generation iPhone screen function may be built-in fingerprint recognition.

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office released from Apple’s new patent describes the fingerprint implanted advanced display mode.

Apple made by AuthenTec this patent is not only able to implant the iPhone and other mobile devices, and compared with existing technologies, more than the distance from the biometric finger reading.

Apple Entitled “By pairing sensing electrode and Pixel Pixel sensing circuit traces with other relevant manner Fingerprint” (Finger sensor having pixel sensing circuitry for coupling electrodes and pixel sensing traces and related methods) will AuthenTec’s patented jointly Founder Dale R. Setlak as inventor. AuthenTec to Apple at the end of the acquisition, the fingerprint identification aspects do have many patents.

Any of the previous rumors of Apple in the next iPhone Home button on the implant fingerprint features, but it seems from this patent, Apple will fingerprint embedded in the display.

According to this patent, the fingerprint sensor may be laminated below the LCD display, or as a display part. Thus, this sensor can also be used as input methods, and support options that can be used with other circuits, or tactile feedback boot and other activities.

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