Expect Moto X mobile phone? Motorola will be held on August 1 in New York Post

Motorola will be released on August 1 issued in New York Moto X phone.


Motorola 20 issued an invitation to the major U.S. media, announced on August 1 in New York will be published Moto X. Google acquired Motorola after the release of the first handsets to really finally listed.


According to the current flowing out of the grapevine of view, Moto X will focus on user customization, at least so that users can choose the color of the back shell. The Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside also announced earlier Moto X will be manufactured in Texas, which will benefit the customized mobile phone to the hands of customers faster.


Moto X will be paired with all major U.S. carriers listed item price forecast to $ 199 may be low. Moto X currently still do not know whether in the Taiwan market, but based on past Nexus series phone view, unlikely.

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