Apple began taking pre-orders for iPhone 5c

As reported by Apple during their presentation on September 10, pre-orders for iPhone 5c will be made ​​on September 13. The company has kept its promise, and in the online store Apple, which recently closed for “prevention” and has just reopened, there was a page with ordering new items.

We already know that the prices of polycarbonate smartphone “budget” do not dare call the 16 – and 32-gigabyte version will cost customers without a contract in the 549 and 649 dollars respectively. As for the iPhone 5S , then it will start to make out pre-orders for Apple just a week later, on September 20.

It is interesting in this situation is to look at the version store for this country, which are not traditionally included not only the first, but even a second wave of selling. In connection with the decision of Apple’s withdrawal from the line of the iPhone 5 and the lack of new generations of smartphones on Russian stocks only the iPhone, which is currently available for purchase on the site is iPhone 4s. Funnily enough in 2013 to observe that, as the Russian representative office of the most innovative company continues to trade models two years ago.

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