Review Jawbone UP24: just add Bluetooth

At the time, while most manufacturers are trying to force only in the market of smart bracelets, company Jawbone releases the third generation of this device, called UP24. Accumulations of its experience should be enough to create a good gadget that will leave current and future competitors far behind. Will it have the Jawbone make the perfect bracelet for a healthy lifestyle, and how it differs from the previous version , read the review below.

Design and construction

Externally Jawbone UP24 difficult to distinguish from the previous model, the novelty gives only changed textured pattern on the body.

But only at first glance, in fact the device was a little thinner previous version, and mainly due to the fact that it uses a 2.5mm plug, not the 3.5 mm as before.

Also, changed the look of the only mechanical control buttons, it has also become less.

In general, the design Jawbone UP24 little changed, and it is somewhat disappointing. Companies should pay more attention to it, because the third year in a row use the same design does not allow even more famous manufacturers.

Follows from the old design and the main problem Jawbone, which the company or can not see or do not want to see. The fact that her bracelets often fail before they even until the end of the warranty period. I know users who had to change three devices in the last year, the benefit of free support change them without any questions. With a certain degree of probability, at Jawbone UP24 may be the same problem. After construction of the bracelet has not changed.

It’s still a thin sheet of bent spring steel, which is attached electronics, coated with a hypoallergenic rubber. The degree of bending of this design is limited, and most statements Jawbone bracelets fail because their users correctly don and remove. For an explanation of how to do it right the company even released a video tutorial.

Perhaps if we use this instruction and problems will not arise, but the design itself, which is the probability of such failure, can not be considered reliable. On hand UP24, certainly played by the fact that the bracelet to sync with your smartphone using Bluetooth, and shoot it with your hands need not as often as before.

Wearing qualities

Almost the entire body is covered with Jawbone UP24 hypoallergenic rubber black or orange. It is kind to the skin, which also does not cause skin irritation. Its only drawback is that its surface is easily overwritten, it occurs in contact with clothing or bracelet of its two parts. But the appearance of the device is not much affected.

Like the previous model, Jawbone UP24 is protected against water, bracelet can be immersed to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Swim with the bracelet is not recommended, but take it off before the shower is not required.

Ease of use

Follow the instructions Jawbone, donning and doffing UP24 quite easily. But at the very hand bracelet fixed worse than the same Fitbit Force, since design features. Very often UP24 clinging clothes and trying to bend the wrong way.

As in the previous version, there are three UP24 size depending on the size of the wrist. Choose for themselves the right option is easy, the site has detailed instructions on how to do it. If size is chosen correctly, UP24 wear comfortable, he does not press on hand.

Jawbone UP24 management can be performed either from your smartphone, or using a different sequence of clicks a button on the device. Realized it is also convenient, as in previous versions of the bracelet.

Jawbone UP24 until it can work only with the iPhone and connects to them through the protocol Bluetooth 4.0.

Despite the fact that the communication protocol used successfully huge number of accessories, it works in UP24 with varying success. Application is not always the first time sees the bracelet, as a result it is often necessary to turn off. Perhaps this is a software problem, and fix it soon.

By computer Jawbone UP24 can connect port for charging from USB. It is implemented through a special adapter with a 2.5 mm input. Synchronize your device with a computer is not available.


With the built-in accelerometer Jawbone UP24 can monitor the quality of sleep a person determining how quickly he falls asleep, how deeply asleep, and on the basis of these data, calculates the phases of sleep.

Based on these data, work smart alarm clock, which must operate in a while, when a person is in the least deep sleep phase. It works as follows, the application gets the user Jawbone alarm for a particular time and specifies the time interval from 10 to 30 minutes, when we need to wake up. In practice, we can not say that the device helps easier to wake up, but it’s easier to follow for the duration of their sleep and force myself to go ahead.

Bracelet for a healthy lifestyle

Jawbone UP24 can count steps, calories burned, as well as the approximate distance. The main purpose of the device – this tracking activity for the user to be able to look at himself and changed habits.

Bracelet by default offers the wearer to perform not less than 10 thousand steps a day and sleep at least 8 hours. Even cope with this task is not quite easy to sacrifice in favor of transport walking and force myself to go to bed earlier. In general, it really helps, especially if there is a motivation to look and feel better. Without it UP24 not help, but will gather dust on the shelf.


During physical activity UP24 can activate its tracking. This will capture data on the duration of employment, distance, intensity, average pace and calories burned.

For fixing the base of his training with the subsequent analysis, it will be enough, but not for all types of physical activity. Modern sports watches offer a lot more functions not only to track the activity, but also for planning training. In this regard, UP24 helps to connect to popular applications for sports, including popular MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and Strava.

Bracelet exchanges data with them that allows you to expand the picture. But you still need to remember that UP24, primarily intended for everyday activity tracking, and not a specialized unit for training, although not ruled out any functionality.


In Jawbone UP24 battery installed 38 mAh, which is enough for 5-7 days of battery life, depending on the intensity of use of wireless synchronization.

In addition to physical activity, another party content myself in good shape, is a healthy diet.

To do this, UP24 have a database of products that for the last year significantly enriched. The user can enter a name products and ready meals manually or scan them as barcodes. In Ukraine, it does not work with all products.

Expert Commentary

Control over the consumption of products in Annex Jawbone UP – a complete picture of the consumption of calories and their consumption. The program lays out all the entered food proteins to carbohydrates, fats, omega-3-fat-salt-cholesterol, etc. Large database includes all known products and dishes – even while living in Thailand, it is not difficult to find the right spring roll or spicy soup. At home in the database easily find several kinds of cheese, including the home, several variations of borscht, rye bread – in general, local specialties in each country presented completely. Yet it is worth remembering, if you decide to enter the fair, about oils and sauces (for the sake of fair picture calorie) – this is also in the database to the maximum – from all kinds of plant to different yogurts. Average system works by reading bar codes – from milk to chocolate.


Compared with previous models Jawbone UP24 changed slightly so that the owners of the second-generation UP almost no reason to update, especially given the increased price. At a time when the market goes more competitors, Jawbone continues to stagnate. Minor improvements, will definitely go smart bracelets company benefit, and can not say that they are not important. However, they are insufficient to ensure that the company, which in fact was first to market smart bracelets, it remained the leader. Today Jawbone needs a qualitative step forward. Purchase UP24 background on upcoming competitors makes sense for the need to integrate third-party applications bracelet such as MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and Strava. In addition, in the arsenal of Jawbone is still a great app, as well as a large base of products, in this regard, the company has no equal. In other cases, worth the wait or the new version of the bracelet or watch from competing solutions.


+ Autonomy
+ Pedometer
+ Smart Service
+ Application
+ Waterproof
+ Simple operation
+ Database products


– Bored design
– No information display
– Disruption of synchronization
– Support for iPhone only
– Not very reliable fixation on hand

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