Analysts recommend Apple to release “planshetofon” and lower the price of iPhone

Samsung continues to lead in the supply of smartphones in the world, according to the study, research firm Strategy Analytics. The share of Apple’s smartphone is reduced due to the high price and limited range iPhone , Experts say.

The leader of the world’s supply of smartphones, according to research by Strategy Analytics, – Korean company Samsung. It is for the second quarter of this year has put some 76 million smartphones, compared with 48.7 million in the second quarter of last year. Samsung’s market share for the year increased from 31.1% to 33.1%.

Apple also increased its shipments in the second quarter, but its share of the smartphone market dropped from 16.6% to 13.6% for the year. Manufacturers LG and ZTE in the reporting period also showed an increase in their market share of 5.3% and 5%, respectively, Huawei completes the top five with 4.8% share of the smartphone market.

“The current portfolio of the iPhone is not impressive. Apple runs the risk of being “sandwiched” between the inexpensive 3-inch models of Android-smartphone and a 5-inch Android-based smartphone higher price segment, “- said the Managing Director of the Strategy Analytics Neil Mouston.

To stay in the trend, Apple should expand its mobile lineup, says Mouston. According to the analyst, the option with the release of the so-called fiscal iPhone and shareholders’ planshetofona “- the phone with a diagonal of 6.5 inches – would be the best for an American corporation.

“Sales of Samsung smartphones are more than double sales of iPhone, and the gap increases with each quarter – analysts say. – This indicates that Samsung has done very successfully bid for the development of a wide range of mobile devices, diversifying products in functionality and price range, while the limitations of the model line iPhone, despite the high quality of products, not helping.”

In parallel, the shortage of ideas, Apple would be appropriate to think about changing the pricing policy by making their gadgets more accessible to users, experts said.

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