Apple has opened a new office in Boston for the development of voice technology Siri

Apple has opened a new office in Boston to conduct research in the field of speech recognition and artificial intelligence, reports Xconomy. According to the website, the new company will carry out the complex work on the further development of voice assistant Siri, used in the iOS-devices and computers Mac.

According to the source, to develop a personal assistant were hired engineers strongest VoiceSignal Technologies. Most of them – the specialists in the field of speech recognition. VoiceSignal Technologies, recall, was bought by Nuance in 2007.

The group of office workers Boston Apple included such famous figures as Ganmar Everman, who worked in the company Nuance, specializing in the production of software for speech recognition, and a former vice president of research VoiceSignal Technologies Larry Gillick, notes Xconomy. Heading the team is Don McAllister, a senior researcher at Apple, who has joined the corporation in 2011.

Nuance Communications is based in Burlington, Ontario, a suburb of Boston. In May this year the head of Nuance Paul Ritchie confirmed that based on the voice assistant Siri is voice technology his company.

Recall originally Siri was an iOS-app from the name of the developer. Apple bought the startup in April 2010. “Now we are a major supplier to Apple», – said the head of Nuance.

Apple has never liked to rely on third-party service providers. And, apparently, with the opening of a new office in Boston in Cupertino intends to develop the technology on its own voice assistant.

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