3 apps to help you plan a day


Perhaps each of us more than once became victim of his own forgetfulness, so had to repeatedly go to the supermarket or in a hurry to carry out the pending work to better times. The situation, of course, is not a pleasant one, but it still can be overcome. Help in this so-called to-do applications that represent a list of scheduled cases. Expanses store Google Play are filled with a huge number of them, but not every one of them deserves attention. Whatever it was, we tried to select the most deserving options.

Remember The Milk

This application has been achieved incredible popularity due to its simplicity, stability and cloud sync. Navigation expanses Remember The Milk carried swipe from the main list to the details of the problem in each of its components. General list, by the way, is a list of days of the week, so you can quickly jump to the desired date.

During the creation of the problem is necessary to specify its priority and a suitable execution date and place in a particular list and specify how often repeat reminders of her. To delete a goal achieved is only two taps.

Koalcat’s Clear

My experience using the iPhone made ​​it clear to the extremely high quality of some applications of the App Store. One of them is Clear, which is able to flip look at familiar things.

What about Android? Is there anything impossible for a skilled developer of applications for the open source operating system? Of course not, and that is why analogue called Koalcat’s Clear is now available in Google Play.

Utilize its incredibly simple: to create a new task worth pull down the list is intended to mark the execution swipe right to remove – to the left. Extremely convenient.


Minimalistic interface – that, perhaps, the first catches your eye after opening Todoist. At this stage the benefits do not end there. Several options for displaying tasks, the ability to quickly move them from one date to another, and labels that help efficiently organize all the tasks created.

To delete entries from the list, by the way, also need to swipe.

Whether you plan your day? Tell us about it below.

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