5 benefits of gaming tablet NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

5 benefits of gaming tablet NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

5 benefits of gaming tablet NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

Most recently, NVIDIA, known for its graphics cards unusual novelty presented to the public – gamepad NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. Let us see what are the advantages of the device compared to other gaming tablets.

Performance – NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

Shield Tablet tablet equipped with the latest chipset from NVIDIA called Tegra K1, which has 4 cores clocked at 2.2 GHz and 192-core accelerator. Technology used in the graphics tablet system, also used in its video game company NVIDIA, which are famous for their quality and performance.

Wireless Controller – NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

NVIDIA has gone away from the Bluetooth-connection plate and the game controller. Instead, for their interaction now uses technology Wi-Fi Direct, which eliminates the delay and control during play. How to write colleagues androidcommunity, during the game there are no inhibitions, and the feeling of the game on a regular gaming console.

5 benefits of gaming tablet NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

Ability to play computer games – NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

Many gamers prefer to play games on your desktop computer. But now, thanks to the tablet Shield Tablet play your favorite games, you can remotely. All computing operations produces home computer and transmitted to the tablet only game image. Thanks to this technology, on a portable device, you can play even in the most demanding games, limited only by the computer’s performance standing at home.

Games in the cloud – NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet has launched its cloud service NVIDIA GRID, through which you can play some games on remote servers company. In this case there is no need to think about the necessary hardware performance of your device. However, to play cloud games will be possible only in the presence of high-speed Internet connection.

Stylus – NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

5 benefits of gaming tablet NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

Unlike many competitors NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet has a really comfortable and functional stylus. By means of special applications, it can simulate watercolor painting on paper or canvas, precisely controlling the amount of “ink” that “drip” on the tablet.

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