Sex Bang With Friends app back in the App Store

Appendix Bang With Friends , offers to put aside extra social rituals and look among your friends who agree to do sex with you, returned to the vast App Store. Apple removed the app in May of this year, however, developers are notorious sotsservisa succeeded his return to the App Store, right under the innocuous name of Down.

For those who missed all the fun, we recall that the program found in Apple Bang With Friends is too challenging. Utility migrated to mobile platforms from Facebook. Version for smartphones on iOS called BWF.

If you are not familiar with the concept, here’s a summary. You check in the application through your account in Facebook, you can then mention those of his friends, who wanted to have sex. But the past will know about it only in the case if you do have a sex drive and also decided to express it through the service. Users chose each other comes a message.

Thanks to innovation, users can speak openly about their sexual likes his friends, noting pictures of those with whom they would like to “get to know”. If the user desires coincide with the desires of the sexual object, the application opens them “lonely hearts”. In case of discrepancy between sexual preferences remain secret.

The idea came to mind for many users. By the end of spring, I Bang With Friends was more than a million registered members and a couple of hundreds of thousands of matches.

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