2016 Honda Civic Launched Apple CarPlay

2016 Honda Civic Launched Apple CarPlay

Honda introduced the 10th generation of the car Civic, where new “smart” options and technologies. To make a stylish sporty, car embedded in the outer LED-backlight.

Feature of the new Apple CarPlay from 2016 Civic

Civic looks better than ever, both outside and inside, in addition to the salon is now built a 7-inch display that supports both Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. The driver can not be distracted by your smartphone in a way, but instead all the necessary information, including how to get to the destination, to provide “smart” system.

2016 Honda Civic Launched Apple CarPlay

Civic is going to compete with other low-cost cars with the help of advanced technologies in the model 2016 drivers will find new modes and a package of Honda Sensing, which includes adaptive cruise control, electronic brake assist and monitor the situation on the road.

Source: autoblog

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