Alpine iLX-700 - an attractive media receiver with Apple CarPlay

Alpine iLX-700 – an attractive media receiver with Apple CarPlay

The company Alpine Electronics, known for its components for the automotive audio and navigation systems. Most recently, the company announced the start of sales of digital media receivers iLX-700. This device is designed specifically for use with the Apple CarPlay. Let’s look at the main features of the device.

Features of Alpine iLX-700

Novelty is a proprietary interface in the style of iOS. The device Alpine Electronics iLX-700 allows you to conveniently and safely access the most frequently used functions at the wheel. Namely, to call people to send an important message, use the navigation, listen to your favorite music and other.

Alpine iLX-700 - an attractive media receiver with Apple CarPlay

In order to connect the iPhone to the Media Receiver, you must use the Lightning cable. The device is equipped with a 7-inch capacitive touch display with a resolution 800x3x480 pixels. And also supports gesture control function.

Without a connection to the iPhone, the device Alpine iLX-700 can display a graphical interface climate control. And heated seats, parking sensors visualize. Also display images from rear view cameras. And certainly to broadcast video from various external devices via input AUX.

Technology CarPlay compatible with some third-party applications. The device Alpine iLX-700 is compatible with the free app Alpine TuneIt. The app allows you to download the complete audio customization options for a particular car model. And manually adjust the equalizer, delays, filters, and so on.

The appearance of the receiver in the style of glass from end to end. It not only underlines the premium quality product. But the laconically into the interior of the cabin. Due to the small depth of the device, Alpine iLX-700 can be integrated into most car models.

Conclusion of Alpine iLX-700

The new device Alpine iLX-700 has a very interesting design and good specification of applications and functions. In addition, the device works with all models of the Apple phones. The price of the device is around 800 US dollars.

Source: Alpine

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