Driving Range Rover from a smartphone? Easy!

Driving Range Rover from a smartphone? Easy!

This is often shown in the movies. The hero gets the mobile device and remotely operate the machine. Now this does not fantastic. British engineers from the Range Rover UK to learn this trick branded cars.

Modern technology from Range Rover

It is a prototype based on the Range Rover Sport. The owner can bring the model to move with your smartphone. What is the special application?

Driving Range Rover from a smartphone? Easy!

That’s great – full control. Not a trivial starting or unlocking the doors.

However, the developers have introduced a number of reasonable restrictions. Range Rover Sport only reacts to orders given from a distance of up to 3 meters. Moreover – in speed without the driver does not exceed 6.5 km / h.

Listed – not flawed technology, and safety requirements. In the above mode, the vehicle will not cause serious harm to others.

Using the touch screen – not the only option. The creators promise a vehicle quickly add voice recognition system.

And it should be noted that the developers came up with a great gadget for car lovers. Alas, there is only a test pattern. Buy unrealistic.

Source: techcrunch

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