Yahoo bought RockMelt and close all of its applications and services

It became known that Yahoo bought the company RockMelt. The latter is known as the developer of the eponymous social browser. Recently, the company was forced to abandon further development of the browser and translated freed resources for the development of new service Rockmelt. It combines the functions of a news aggregator and social network.

In the purchase, by the end of this month all the services and applications that RockMelt will be closed. Users will be offered the opportunity to export their data. In the future, all the design and technology of the company will go in favor of Yahoo, but not yet reported, the latest in what products they will be used. The entire staff of RockMelt will also join Yahoo.

The parties did not report the amount of the transaction. According to various sources, for the purchase of RockMelt, Yahoo could pay anywhere from $ 60 million to $ 70 million

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