New old business: Why Sony sells unnecessary? 

New old business: Why Sony sells unnecessary? 

New old business: Why Sony sells unnecessary? 

Not that final, carry the coffin, all is lost, no. Just in the last year in the press there are news too. What Sony has sold brand VAIO, to focus on the production of smartphones. Now here’s the company will allocate a subsidiary for the production of audio and video equipment, investors says he wants to separate or sell the same unit for the production of smart phones and televisions. And then what? Which sought to Sony? Today let’s talk about the last years the activities of the Japanese company and a series of nasty shocks.

Let’s start with the new videos: Sony is launching a special memory card microSD for Premium Sound, which should improve the sound quality. To create its specific materials used, through which the device creates a lower level of electrical noise during data reading, and thus increases the quality of sound transmission. But you will hear it on your dialer for 300 bucks? Unlikely. Do you have your smartphone microSD slot at all? Its cost is $ 155, and at this present course, and so in the area of five thousand hryvnia, so also for the memory card.

It is this device, it seems to me, can be called indicative of everything that happens with Sony today. One gets the impression that the company plans to become the mainstream of the niche for zadrotov-audiophile zadrotov gamers and movie lovers. It is now, of course, not the powerful giant that before, but … The times when we had a very, very quick to say, in order to fit the entire history of Sony and its scope of activities in a hundred seconds pass? The fact that Kazuo Hirai, SEO company, offers to bring everything units that are not profitable or unprofitable in subsidiaries or abandon them altogether. Here it is, plan for the conservation of the company. This financial strategy implies an increase in profit by 25 times in 3 years. For this year Kazuo modest plans – 168 million dollars, but then the company is gaining momentum and financial extravagance.

2014 turned out to be for the company not the best. Let’s start with the phones. It used to be Sony Ericsson had an army of fans outnumber epplfanov. Now sales of smartphones Sony is not impressive, but only upset. Despite the fact that they managed to produce such excellent machines as Z2, Z3, Z3 Compact, mobile division is still not profitable and losing the battle for market Apple and Samsung. Last year, the Japanese managed to sell over 40 million units. This, of course, more than in 2013, but the increase is so small that even a little embarrassing. Smartphones are really good, waterproof champions are not many on the market, the compact version of the leading vehicles are among the best. But in the category of budget Sony expensive, so loses B-brands, and as flagships more people take the iPhone, some of the lines of Samsung or HTC. The company suffered losses in excess of $ 1.5 million. This is less than expected, but the money is not small. And so, as the production is not justified, it makes sense, the company decided to abandon telephony. It does not make money. Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai said that the company is now considering selling its mobile and TV business.

New old business: Why Sony sells unnecessary? 

It is worth remembering that the creation and sale of televisions Japanese have since mid-zero, and in the spring of last year, the press focused on the fact that it is their division, they are not going to sell. New year – new challenges, and to discard all unnecessary changed the company’s plans. As for me, TVs Sony one of the most fun, but the competition is high here next to LG and Samsung.

A similar story has already occurred with the PC division. Realizing that the company is unable to cope with the growing market, it was decided to sell the brand VAIO, abandoning laptops and focus on the production of smartphones. We already wrote about this, repeatedly informed about the products coming out from under the wing of the department of the company, and that they planted their virtues pig, releasing their smartphones. But Sony plans on phones we’ve already discussed. Is not very much and wanted?

Players Sony – this is what I personally will miss the most. There are no categorical “waives production” or “sell”, but their production will fully autonomous subsidiary and is still unclear how this will affect the device. Walkman – a whole era, historically important event in the world of music players, the beginning of everything. Up to the fact that a household name and the word “volkmen” referred to simply as audio players, regardless of the manufacturer (except iPod, of course). And if now the music player built into each dialer, the need for the gadget itself has disappeared completely, and Sony is still trying and probably produces steep but sverhnishevy product Sony Walkman ZX2.

New old business: Why Sony sells unnecessary? 

At the same unit will include video production. Can we say that in this way we get minus two legends? I hope not. Although it was clear that their time was considered and hope that all of your company’s ability to invest in other than smartphones, which are now replaced almost the entire arsenal of gadgets. The transaction is going to be completed by October 2015. But the company wants to focus on the production of consoles and movies. And even though most hakkerskuyu ATTAC, which was produced at Sony Pictures at the end of last year in connection with the release skanadalnogo movie “Interview”, their plans have not changed. The company posted a loss, the film was released in rent in many countries, the penalties of celebrity manager whose data snared. In short, the failure of a major, but the film – a profitable business. Just as geymerny business. For example, by mid-2014 has sold more than 18 million Play Station 4 worldwide.

As an epilogue to say that Sony plans to increase profits in 2018 to 4.2 billion dollars from the sale of optical sensors and video game consoles, to create an alliance to promote the new technology of television format Ultra HD, continue to engage in the creation of films and production of chips for Apple. Kazuo Hirai calls this strategy «One Sony», in which they will get rid of non-profitable or unprofitable areas and will be engaged in so that it will be possible to “cut the loot.” Despite this statement, the Sony are betting on virtual reality glasses that app and smart glasses that, as we have seen, does not take off. Whatever it was, we want a company with 69 years of experience of luck and will miss the beautiful protected smartphones, Walkman player and Japanese TV.

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