What's wrong with smartphones Sony?

What’s wrong with smartphones Sony?

What's wrong with smartphones Sony?

Back in September 2014 Sony analysts said that in 2014 the company’s losses amount to more than US $ 2 billion. The reason for this became flaws unit smartphones. Head of Mobile Sony directions Hiroki photocurrent told investors that next year the situation will change. According to him, “smartphone” direction of the company’s business will be profitable even if the decrease in sales for twenty or thirty percent. Why is it smart famous companies who constantly praise, do not bring success to their creators? After all, it is worthy Soup bear comparison even with the iPhone.

On the pages of GigaOm Keefe Lesuing considered the company’s actions, which will enable her to find a way out of the “telephone impasse” and stop losing billions.

The first step is to reduce the number of phone models and markets in which they are sold. In November 2014 and Samsung announced similar plans. Most likely, Sony will retain its satisfying the most demanding requirements of high-margin smartphones, a notable example of which is the Xperia Z3 . Meanwhile, the strongest sales growth is expected as every segment of inexpensive smartphones.

Sony main problem is that it is not too smart phones are widely sold in the United States and China. In the United States Sony Xperia Z3 invited telecom operators T-Mobile and Verizon. It is noted that Sony plans to decrease its presence in the Chinese market.

Sony Mobile line of business is relatively successful in Europe (34%), Southeast Asia (27%) and Japan (23%). Figures in brackets figures reflect how many percent are Soup Company’s total sales of smartphones. But the presence of Sony on the world’s largest smartphone market, namely China and the United States is limited. In these markets performed only 3% of the sales of the company’s mobile division.

What's wrong with smartphones Sony?

At the same time Sony is not going to stop the production of smartphones. Simple Mobile line of business the company did not manage to become a factor in its growth, as might have been hoped at first. Sony believes that it should continue to “keep a hand” on smartphones, as this technology is fundamental and important for these rapidly growing areas, as is the “Internet of Things”. This concept is, in short, suggests that networks will be connected not only computers, but also alarms, air conditioning, sprinkler system and much more.

In this case, Sony will shift the main application of its efforts to mobile lines of business in favor of his videogame division, which specializes in the most popular game console PlayStation 4. In addition, the focus will be devices division, which produces the highest quality camera sensors for a variety of smartphones, including and Apple iPhone.

What's wrong with smartphones Sony?

Sony smartphones have failed to become widespread, despite the fact that they are examples of the build quality . And some of them continue to work even after bathing in Coca-Cola , falling from a height, and even moving car .

How do you think that is the reason for the lack of popularity of smartphones Sony? Is it just their low popularity in the United States and China? What’s so important not enough wonderful smartphones so well-known company to take its rightful place in the market?

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