Ricoh has developed a 360-degree consumer camera Theta

In 2010, researchers demonstrated prototypes of cameras that provide a 360 degrees, and today there are available commercial products of this kind. For example, the company introduced a similar Ricoh.

The camera is called Theta, weighs only 95 grams and it is able to make a simple click of a 360-degree picture. Built-in 4 GB flash memory is enough to store 1,200 spherical images. An example of the device can be estimated on a picture below – the usual picture left, to the right – made from the same place the picture with Theta:

On the characteristics of the device as long as the company does not cover. We only know that it is able to interact with smartphones via Wi-Fi, and you can view on the phone screen spherical images, and publish them to social networks and . the sale of Ricoh Theta arrive in October of this year for $ 400 (about 3,300 USD).

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Look a video from russian roads:

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