British engineers have figured out how to turn any flat surface of the iPad [video]

Graduate students from the University of Lancaster, John Hardy and Carl Ellis developed the technology UbiDisplays, which allows you to turn any object into the screen tablet computer. To create interactive displays with touch-sensitive surface of any object, including doors, walls, floors, doors, refrigerators and even a kettle, you need a projector, computer and camera depth.

Webcam captures the depth and detail of what a person does on the projected image, and sends the data back to the user’s computer. Special software then decodes, and where the user’s fingers are doing. Thus, the user can turn even a bed in a high-tech interactive office and hold it all the time.

Currently, the device is being finalized, as long as it is rather cumbersome – the entire set of equipment should be placed in front of the object that is to be transformed into a display. Engineers are trying to create a more portable, easy to use at home, on the street, in the subway, office, shopping malls – everywhere. According to them, over time, the whole mechanism will keep within the size iPhone.

Hardy and Ellis showed how the technology works in the video:

His invention has already presented to the graduate research conference in the California headquarters of Google.

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