Weather Point new handheld weather station

Weather Point new handheld weather station

Weather Point new handheld weather station

Quite a remarkable device provided engineers Mind Lab. The company announced a “very small weather station in the world” (according to the creators). Let’s take a closer look at a new device.

The product is called a pocket Weather Point. It combines thermometer measuring atmospheric pressure and humidity. And the same can detect the UV index.

All these tools are placed in one tiny fob of aluminum and titanium. Let’s look at the other features of the device Weather Point.

Features of the Weather Point

It works just a novelty: connects to any mobile gadget – via a standard audio input. Supports devices running iOS and Android.

Weather Point new handheld weather station

What’s great: no need for a power source. The necessary energy unit receives through a designated port.
Integrated sensors record the readings in real time and sent to the smartphone. To communicate using an application-companion.

Thus, the owner of the Weather Point are always aware of what is happening. And with no access to the sites of meteorological services.

Weather Point new handheld weather station

The price of the Weather Point range from 12 pounds (depending on configuration). The release will take place in July this year when the authors of the project will collect funds for mass production. Bookings can only be on S.

Conclusion of the Weather Point

The device Weather Point is especially good for people who are interested in what the weather will expect them in the near future.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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