Wallpaper - new curved 2-display TV from LG

Wallpaper – new curved 2-display TV from LG

LG Electronics Engineers continue to experiment with TV. Developer action rather boldly, things get interesting.

One of these successes, the 111-inch model Wallpaper. It was created on the basis of the new curved 2-display TV OLED-display. Besides bent.

Feature of the new curved 2-display TV

The form of the device resembles a wave. It is not a concept or a prototype, the novelty is intended for commercial use. Alas, there is no information about the price.

Wallpaper - new curved 2-display TV from LG

On each of the screens can display your own image. The panels are not solid – they collected from three 65-inch elements with a resolution of Ultra HD. Other technical details there.

In addition, LG has introduced a more “compact” version. Said new curved 2-display TV modification Wallpaper has a diagonal of 55 inches. TV thickness of 5.3 mm is suspended from the ceiling.

Both solutions are designed to increase the popularity of OLED. The era of the classic LCD TV comes to an end – to the delight of fans of the organic light emitting diodes.

Source: mashable

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